Member Leagues

Regional Club League (RCL)

Founded in 2010, Washington Youth Soccer’s Regional Club League (RCL), is comprised of the top clubs in the state and provides the highest-level league play and player development. To be named a Regional Club, Clubs must adhere to the Regional Club League Charter, which outlines rigorous standards including criteria and levels of coaching licensure, player development curriculum and training guidelines to ensure standardizations across the League and that all Clubs are of equivalent caliber.


North Puget Sound League (NPSL) is a competitive youth soccer league that is a partnership of Washington Youth Soccer District 1 and District 2 and their eleven youth soccer associations comprising over 57,000 youth soccer players.  NPSL’s mission is to supply a competitive venue to its teams that makes geographic sense and is not limited by District or Association boundaries, is economical in both cost and time, and ensures “like or comparable” competition.  The NPSL is sanctioned by Washington Youth Soccer.

South Sound United League (SSUL)

Founded in 2015, the South Sound United League (SSUL) will feature recreational and select soccer teams from seven (7) neighboring soccer Associations including Auburn, Federal Way, Kent Covington, Highline, Maple Valley, Renton Tukwila, and Pierce County.

The league is professionally administrated by Washington Youth Soccer (WYS) and representative leadership from all seven member Associations. The SSUL will not only foster LOCAL, Like-vs-Like competition for our recreational soccer teams, it will provides a pathway for our highly-capable teams to challenge themselves agaisnt select competition and beyond.

Soccer Across Washington

Over 200 clubs in Washington State call Washington Youth Soccer ‘home’. Looking to see which one is best for you? Just visit our easy club finder.

Levels of Play

Washington Youth Soccer oversees three levels of play, each with their own leagues throughout the state. Having these levels helps players of all skill levels find the right club and league for them. 

Tryout Information


The range in which a club can host tryouts is universal across our leagues, but you’ll need to contact the individual clubs for exact dates. See below for the range for each age group, as well as the dates for all of this year’s State Cups. 

Birth Year & Seasons

If you’re not sure which age group your young athlete should be in, US Soccer has provided the table below that shows which age group corresponds with every eligible birth year.