Secondary Medical Insurance

  • Prior to submitting a claim the injured party must notify an Association or Club Board Member (ie: President, Registrar, Director) of the injury and advise they will be submitting a claim. 

  • A witness must be an Association or Club representative who was present at the time of injury. (ie: Coach, Board Member)

  • The online medical claim may be filled out by any party listed but must provide a witness as stated above.

  • Participants have 60 Days to file a claim from the date the injury occurred.

  • Deductible is $500.

  • Benefit period is one year from the date of injury. 

Additional questions please contact Keli Bitow at


Step 1:

The participant files a claim within 60 days of injury.

Step 2:

Washington Youth Soccer receives claim application and confirms participant eligibility for A-G Administrators.

Step 3:

If approved, the parent will receive an email from AG Administrators on how to proceed with their claim. Parents communicate directly with AG Administrators and all itemized medical provider bills, and explanation of benefits (EOB) are provided to AG Administrators.

A-G Administrators, Inc.
Claims Department
P.O. Box 21013
Eagan, MN 55121
(610) 933-0800 (Phone)
(800) 634-8628 (Toll-Free)