WYS Gaming is an extension of Washington Youth Soccer that is focused on competitive video game competition, also known as Esports. The sheer popularity of competitive gaming inspired us to create this new brand to help provide our athletes, parents, and coaches with safe competition amongst many of the peers that they already play soccer against in WYS competition. While this isn’t meant to replace the traditional soccer experience, we hope that WYS Gaming provides an exciting supplement to our existing programming that can be enjoyed from home. 

On this page you’ll find links to our registration info page, tournament info page, and more! Email us at gaming@washingtonyouthsoccer.org with any additional questions. 

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Questions? Email us at gaming@washingtonyouthsoccer.org
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We have big plans for WYS Gaming in the future, including a comprehensive league system involving all interested WYS clubs and more. As we navigate this new world of competition and see how other states, as well as US Youth Soccer, fare as well, we will introduce more and more programs for members to enjoy. For now, our plan is to hold a series of launch tournaments with exciting prizes and potential qualification for regional and national competition in cooperation with other state associations. 

Next Event: WYS Gaming Launch Classic

  • May 25
  • PS4 & Xbox One
  • Ages 13-18

The first and only game used in WYS Gaming at present is FIFA 20, by EA SPORTS. FIFA is the most popular soccer simulation franchise in the world, learn more here: https://www.ea.com/games/fifa/fifa-20 

For details on what most of our FIFA 20 online tournaments, check out our Tournament Info page. These rules are subject to change based on event, be sure to view the specific event pages to confirm format and rules. 

Our number one priority is keeping players safe when playing games online, view our privacy policy to learn more, and email gaming@washingtonyouthsoccer.org with any questions. At this time, only players ages 13 and up are eligible for our FIFA tournaments, per EA Sports rules. 

Registration is done via two simple, quick components: through the Affinity platform, just like all other Washington Youth Soccer registration, and through our Esports platform, Battlefy. It only costs $15 for registration. Events in the future will have entry fees as well, but launch events are totally free to registered players.


Esports is a form of competition utilizing a multiplayer video game to be played competitively. Most times, esports competitions are played individually, however, some games, tournaments, or other events will allow for team play. WYS Gaming is only offering FIFA 20 esports at present; most tournaments will be individual play only, but special events may introduce 2v2 team play. 

YES. We chose to make registration required via our Affinity platform so that we can keep track of all players, both youth players and adults, to ensure the safety of everyone. Aside from specific events that will require further registration, only players 13-18 will play each other and all players 19+ will play each other in separate events. 

Yes, we are charging a small $15 one-time registration fee for all players through our Affinity platform. It is not a yearly fee, once you are in WYS Gaming, you are in it for as long as you’d like to participate. This goes to ensure we are able to put as many resources as possible towards running the events smoothly, securing prizes, etc. Tournaments and leagues will eventually also have entry fees, but all launch events are currently free to registered players. 

At launch, WYS Gaming will host tournaments for BOTH the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Console. Tournament listing and rules will state the console needed to participate in the online event. We do hope to eventually move to other platforms and games in the future.