Washington Youth Soccer Announces Partnership with Mobile Sports Analytics App Playform

TUKWILA, WA−Washington Youth Soccer (WYS) announced today a strategic partnership with Playform, an Israeli mobile-based computer vision and deep learning sports tech startup, to bring their flagship product to over 90,000 youth soccer players across Washington State. Playform’s cross-platform mobile application empowers players with unique, high-level training technology right at their fingertips. The app measures various technical skills and provides instant, actionable feedback for both players and coaches.

The goal of this exciting new partnership is to allow Playform (www.playform.app) and WYS to collaborate on achieving their shared mission of fostering the next generation of soccer talent, while also giving their young athletes a way to train safely during a time when traditional training sessions aren’t an option. Playform understands the stress that has been placed on athletes and their families by the global pandemic, and their app provides young soccer players with a smart and safe way to return to playing the game they love—without requiring expensive camera equipment or using wearable devices.

The Playform app allows users to analyze and develop youth players anytime, anywhere with just their smartphone, making it a great resource for all members of the WYS community. Using their smartphone camera, players can execute and record drills that the app will analyze and use to automatically build an overall player evaluation. As players use the app for training and move through the designed drills, the app will constantly customize the training to improve on areas of weakness so that a player can maximize their potential.

Video describing Playform app in action can be found here: https://youtu.be/HCOBcdFMJsk

Playform’s tailor-made workout plans can improve players’ skills in various training sessions, allowing coaches to observe and track their team’s performance over time on and off the field with the coach’s dashboard feature. Coaches can also see how their team compares to others, utilizing that data to engage their players in various challenges and battles against their rivals within the Playform app.

In discussing the power of data-driven athlete development, Shmulik Barel, CEO of Playform, said, “Data plays a crucial part in optimizing athlete development programs. In these days of remote training, access to player analytics is more relevant than ever before. However, only 2% of the athletes in the world have access to measurement and analytics technologies to support their development,” Barel explains. “Playform’s unique technology brings player analytics into the mass market and hundreds of millions of athletes. We are thrilled to announce the partnership with WYS today.”

In celebrating their new partnership, Washington Youth Soccer Director of Partnerships Tony Roberts said, “Playform is an innovative analytics tool for all players and coaches that will support their development journey. We believe that the partnership with Playform will provide incredible results for our players.”

The Playform app is now available on both the Apple App Store for iPhone and the Google Play Store for Android.

Links to download the Playform App:

Apple App Store –  https://apps.apple.com/us/app/id1527901234  

Google Play Store – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=app.play.playform


About Playform

With AI-powered technology to measure and improve players’ agility, foot skills, speed, accuracy, and power, Playform (www.playform.app) is the perfect mobile app to level up your game. However, Playform is more than just an app. It is the actualized dream of a team of diehard soccer fans to bring the game’s most advanced training technology to the everyday player. Playform’s ability to improve on-field play through cutting-edge, data-backed training technology represents the future of sports as a whole, not just soccer. Playform unites a team of global technology and sports experts to give you the power to play anytime, anywhere.

About Washington Youth Soccer

An affiliate of US Youth Soccer, US Soccer, and FIFA, Washington Youth Soccer is home to a community of over 90,000 youth soccer players from nearly 200 member clubs. Washington Youth Soccer is driven by their goal to develop talent and a love for soccer with a focus on fostering mental, emotional, and physical growth through competition for all ages and skill levels.


For more information contact:

Neta Boker, Head of Marketing, Playform

Phone: (972) 54 5706176

Email: neta.b@playform.app