We recently announced our participation in FIFA-FEST, a collaborative competitive gaming event between 17 state youth soccer associations across America. Now, it’s time to announce our own invitational event that will decide who gets to represent our state in the big event!
The tournament will be held on July 7 on FIFA 20 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The same rules as our usual WYS Gaming events will apply, with the only restrictions being that players can only use MLS clubs for the duration of the tournament, AND players must be between 13-17 per the rules for FIFA-FEST. As usual, all players must be registered with WYS Gaming to participate. 
PS4 Tournament: https://battlefy.com/wys-gaming/fifa-fest-washington-invitational-ps4/5efbc3c1c1f749701aeb4d54/info
Xbox One Tournament: https://battlefy.com/wys-gaming/fifa-fest-washington-invitational-xbox-one/5efbc5d63ccb64225fec8cfe/info
Winners and runner-ups will be notified of the final FIFA-FEST Championship dates and registration info after the completion of this tournament.