Monday, July 13, 2020 — After a month-long competition that saw players compete in one of 16 state-run tournaments, the top 64 players have been invited to the FIFA-FEST: eSeries Championship. 

The four-day FIFA-FEST: eSeries Championship kicks off on Monday, July 13, when the top 32 PS4 players will be randomly seeded across eight brackets. Bracket winners will then advance to the FIFA-FEST: eSeries Championship PS4 Grand Finale which will be held on Tuesday, July 14. On Wednesday, July 15, the top 32 XBOX players will be in action and the eight bracket winners will advance to FIFA-FEST: eSeries Championship XBOX Grand Finale on Thursday, July 16. The top two PS4 and XBOX players who compete in the FIFA-FEST: eSeries Championship will receive adidas cleats and the champions will receive an additional prize. 


“It has already been an exciting month seeing players qualify from all over the nation for the FIFA-FEST: eSeries Championship,” said Garrett Cleverly, FIFA-FEST: eSeries Championship organizer. “We’re looking forward to seeing these top players compete in the coming days.”


Select matches will be streamed on Twitch. Links to view those matches will be provided on social media by the participating state associations:


  • Arkansas Soccer Association
  • Arizona Soccer Association
  • Cal South
  • Colorado Soccer Association
  • Illinois Youth Soccer
  • Indiana Soccer
  • Massachusetts Youth Soccer
  • Minnesota Youth Soccer Association
  • Nevada Youth Soccer
  • New Mexico Youth Soccer  
  • New York State West Youth Soccer Association
  • Ohio North Youth Soccer Association
  • PA West Soccer
  • South Texas Youth Soccer Association  
  • Washington Youth Soccer
  • Wyoming Youth Soccer


This series has been incredible by bringing many states together,” said Brenna Doran, FIFA-FEST: eSeries Championship co-organizer. “We are grateful for our members and sponsors who have joined up to make this event a great success”


Tournament Details


The tournament will kick off each day at 3:00PM PT / 6:00PM ET


Monday, July 13 – The top 32 PS4 players will be randomly seeded across eight brackets 

Tuesday, July 14 – The eight PS4 players who have won their bracket will advance to the Grand Finale bracket

Wednesday, July 15 – The top 32 XBOX players will be randomly seeded across eight brackets 

Thursday, July 16 –  The eight XBOX players who have won their bracket will advance to the Grand Finale bracket


Players invited to the FIFA-FEST: eSeries Championship



  • _eduardom10_(Arkansas) 
  • Carlosb (Arkansas) 
  • Mmgvazo.priv (Arizona) 
  • DatFatGuy2416 (Arizona)
  • DR-ER1 (Cal South)
  • Johnnyy679 (Cal South)
  • JJ_SLIM_JIM (Colorado)
  • TBD (Colorado)
  • Gerardinho_1067 (Illinois) 
  • igor21281 (Illinois)
  • papadish (Indiana)
  • qtsimps (Indiana)
  • INSANETimmyB10 (Massachusetts) 
  • Treymar11 (Massachusetts)
  • TheFreshMexican1 (Minnesota)
  • okAndy13 (Minnesota)
  • Bumnaldo (Nevada)
  • Kermitthecrip (Nevada)
  • Cam-On-Gatorade (New Mexico)
  • Blue_Beggs (New Mexico)
  • ColombianClampGod (New York)
  • Tafssa (New York)
  • TBD (Ohio North)
  • TBD (Ohio North)
  • Drez3606 (PA West)
  • Thunderman_3434 (PA West)
  • Carfonso2020 (South Texas)
  • TheApos (South Texas)
  • FranticBeastmode (Washington)
  • not_cartier (Washington)
  • Dante_3303 (Wyoming)
  • AlejitoYepes1219 (Wyoming)



  • 13garbear13(Arkansas)
  • hotCAt24(Arkansas)  
  • MoCk Shadow (Arizona) 
  • Mosheansu11 (Arizona)
  • NateVentura11 (Cal South)
  • Mxteo (Cal South)
  • DopeyBeast11 (Colorado)
  • slammajamma777 (Colorado) 
  • Isthakar (Illinois)  
  • Masonles07 (Illinois)
  • Isthakar (Indiana)
  • Masonles07 (Indiana)
  • BubblyNarwhals (Massachusetts) 
  • INSANETimmyB10(Massachusetts)
  • AliAguero10 (Minnesota)
  • Elliot12A (Minnesota)
  • MiCy Storm (Nevada)
  • CTRey13 (Nevada)
  • Andr3sx21x (New Mexico)
  • PickledPilow22 (New Mexico)
  • JoeClark10 (New York)
  • NotNutBuster (New York)
  • Coachingdwarf92 (Ohio North)
  • TBD (Ohio North)
  • Lrals6 (PA West)
  • CosmicBean1624(PA West)
  • zkhan64 (South Texas)
  • ACTIVEQUASAR996 (South Texas)
  • Fifack17 (Washington)
  • Obeybryan23 (Washington)
  • Corkinhammer (Wyoming)
  • Aidanf9 (Wyoming)