Coaching Education

Washington Youth Soccer places a strong focus on coaching education, working to provide more opportunities for coaching courses in more locations across the state each year. We offer coaching courses for all levels from online certificate courses for grassroots coaches to the National “C” license.

Objectives of Washington Youth Soccer’s Coaching Education programs are:
  • To develop our coaches’ knowledge and understanding of the game
  • To deliver world-class coaching education materials and courses
  • To implement modern, relevant, and age-appropriate training curriculums to promote long-term development
  • To inspire all coaches to continue their personal and professional development as educators of the game

The U.S. Soccer PLAY ON initiative is being launched with this Phase I Grassroots Soccer Recommendation guide, a comprehensive model to allow soccer to operate under key safety plans and considerations, with additional guides to follow. These guides include a detailed approach to social distancing, screening, training, and interactions to ensure consistent and best practices are followed to promote the health and safety of all participants and fans.

Download all three Grassroots Soccer Recommendation guides below:


Our goal is to assist all players in reaching their full potential by providing support structures and programs for our clubs, coaches and parents.


Looking for some resources that can help you start learning about coaching or helping the young athlete in your life? Check out our full playlist of training videos geared towards specific age groups so that you can begin your soccer coaching journey.