Tournament Schedule & Rules

 DateAgesPrizeMax PlayersStart TimeRegistration Links
WYS Gaming Launch Series June JamJune 613-18$25 Amazon gift card12811:00 AMXbox One

WYS Gaming Launch Adult ClassicTBD19+$25 Amazon gift card128

Tournament Rules

The rules and regulations for FIFA 20 tournaments are pretty broad, so we are doing our best to regulate them across WYS Gaming events. These are subject to change based on the event and other factors, but the basic rules for our events will be outlined below. 

  • Players that registered for the WYS Gaming tournaments are fully aware and responsible for understanding the privacy policy and tournament rules.
  •  Matches are on FIFA 20 for Xbox One or PlayStation 4. 
  • Competitors will need to add each other as friends on Xbox Live or PlayStation Network prior to matches, but they can remove afterwards.
  • You must play your opponent through the Online Friendlies Mode, NOT FIFA Ultimate Team unless otherwise specified. 
    • To do this go to Online -> Online Friendlies
    • Players should play Online Friendlies with the following settings:
      • Half Length: 6 Minutes
      • Controls: Any
      • Game Speed: Normal
      • Squad Type: 85 Overall
  • Players are responsible to kickoff their match no more than 7 minutes from their match start time. If one player is readied up within that time and the other is not, the player who was readied up in the allotted time will win automatically. Connection problems happen, but we can’t wait or replay every match for connection issues. If a player fails to play his/her scheduled match will result in an automatic forfeit.
  • If the match results in a draw, players will need to restart a new match with the “Golden Goal” rule. (First player to score, wins)
  • Winners are responsible for reporting their match results in the Battlefy platform. Failure to do so will result in a match forfeit.
  • Rescheduling your match will not be allowed.
  • Unfortunately, bad internet connection does exist, but if both players can play their match, you will need to finish your game.
  • Tampering with your internet connection to have an advantage in your match will result in a warning, and potentially banned from WYS Gaming without a refund.
  • If a player quits, exits or disconnects from a match regardless of the situation, it is the responsibility of the opponent to notify the league admins for assistance to come up with a resolution.
  • Submitting your scores before the start of your match is not allowed. Doing so will result in a warning, match forfeit, or potentially banned from WYS Gaming.
  • Cheating is NOT allowed nor is submitting a false match score. Doing so will result in a match forfeit, or potentially banned from WYS Gaming.
  • Photo or video evidence is required if you claim your opponent has broken any of the league rules. Failure to show any proof will result invalid.
  • No refunds will be given for entry fees.