Congrats to every team who came out for the semifinals and finals of the Boys U15-U19 State Championships and Presidents Cup tournaments! This concluded the first set of groups for both events, and it was an incredible weekend of soccer for everyone involved. See the full list of champions below, along with video playlists and a full photo album of action and team photos from the weekend. 

Full State Championships & Presidents Cup Results

State Championships

Boys U15 Champions: PacNW B05 Maroon A
Finalists: Northwest United BU15 Black

Boys U16 Champions: Sound FC B04 A
Finalists: Crossfire Premier B04 A

Boys U17 Champions: Washington Rush B03 A
Finalists: Seattle United B03 Copa A

Boys U18 Champions: Washington Premier FC B02 Blue
Finalists: Seattle United B02 Copa A

Boys U19 Champions: Crossfire Premier B01 A
Finalists: Washington Premier FC B01 Black A

Presidents Cup

Boys U15 Division 1 Champions: Eastside FC B05 Red A
Finalists: PacNW B05 Blue B

Boys U15 Division 2 Champions: WA Timbers 05B Red 2
Finalists: Snohomish United B05 Black

Boys U16 Division 1 Champions: Eastside FC B04 Red A
Finalists: PacNW B04 Blue B

Boys U16 Division 2 Champions: Snohomish United B04 Black
Finalists: Harbor Premier B04 Green A

Boys U17 Division 1 Champions: WA Timbers 03B Red 2
Finalists: NSC B03 Green

Boys U17 Division 2 Champions: Seattle United B03 Nova
Finalists: Washington Rush B03 Nero

Boys U18 Division 1 Champions: Tusk United B02
Finalists: Washington Rush B02 Nero B

Boys U19 Division 1 Champions: Sound FC B01 A
Finalists: Snohomish United B01 Black

Boys U18/19 Division 2 Champions: WA Timbers 01B White 1
Finalists: PacNW B02 Blue B

If you want to see a team’s full results from their Cup, including final scores, check out the links below. 

Highlights Playlists