The award-winning administrator of one of Washington’s most popular TOPSoccer programs has been featured in an article in Spectrum Life magazine, a nonprofit outlet focused on Autism Empowerment. Julie Borghello of Salmon Creek TOPSoccer was profiled and interviewed for her dedicated work for TOPSoccer since 2011. She talks about what led her to the program, which is led by US Youth Soccer with at least 461 programs operating throughout the country. Julie excitedly spoke about finally returning to TOPSoccer after COVID delays:

As far as successes, the easiest to see was immediately as we gathered for the first practice. After we arrived, you could feel the joy and hum of excitement from players, buddies, and coaches. I don’t know who was the most excited. Coaches were excited to see each other and greet the buddies and then excitement built as the players started arriving.

The article also features quotes from award-winning coach Rocky Fresh, another long-serving volunteer in the Salmon Creek, as well as parents and players who have had their lives changed by the program. Check out the full article, and learn more about TOPSoccer and how you can get involved in your local organization.