Washington Youth Soccer partners with Darigold FIT


Washington Youth Soccer Announces New Partnership with Darigold to Promote Health and Excellence in Youth Soccer

Seattle, WA — July 9th, 2024 — Washington Youth Soccer, the largest youth organization in Washington State, is thrilled to announce a dynamic new partnership with Darigold, a leader in dairy nutrition and innovation. This collaboration focuses on highlighting Darigold FIT; an ultra-filtered milk designed for the health-conscious family.

Darigold FIT stands out in the marketplace with its impressive nutritional profile, boasting 75% more protein and 40% less sugar than regular milk. It is a lactose-free product, ensuring easy digestion, and is sourced from local Northwest farmers. The ultra-pasteurization process allows for a longer shelf life, and the milk is from cows never treated with artificial growth hormones, aligning with the modern family’s desire for natural and healthy food options.

As part of this partnership, Darigold will be the presenting sponsor of the Washington Youth Soccer State Championship Weekend Series, an exciting event that showcases the best of youth soccer in the state. Additionally, Darigold will sponsor the esteemed “Of the Year Awards” and will be the title sponsor of the “Recreational Soccer Player Scholarship Fund.” These initiatives are designed to recognize and support outstanding young athletes in their pursuit of sports excellence and education.

Darigold is committed to supporting community initiatives and promoting healthy lifestyles, especially among youth athletes. This partnership with Washington Youth Soccer underscores Darigold’s dedication to fostering young talent and encouraging a healthy, active lifestyle through quality nutrition.

“Partnering with Washington Youth Soccer is a natural fit for Darigold,” said Dan Hofmeister, President, Brand to Consumer at Darigold “We both value community, health, and excellence. With Darigold FIT, we are excited to support young athletes with a product that not only tastes great but also meets their nutritional needs.”

Tony Roberts, the Director of Business at Washington Youth Soccer expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “This collaboration with Darigold represents a significant step forward in our efforts to support and develop youth soccer in Washington State. We are particularly excited about the opportunities this partnership opens up for our players and the community.”

Together, Washington Youth Soccer and Darigold are committed to nurturing the next generation of soccer talent in Washington State through excellence in sports and nutrition.

About Washington Youth Soccer:

Washington Youth Soccer is the largest youth organization in Washington State and serves as the governing body for youth soccer. It aims to foster the physical, mental, and emotional growth of young players at all levels of the game.

About Darigold:

Headquartered in Seattle, Darigold, Inc. is the marketing and processing subsidiary of the Northwest Dairy Association (NDA), which is owned by nearly 300 family-owned farms in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana. Darigold handles approximately 10 billion pounds of milk annually. The company produces a full line of dairy products for retail, foodservice, commodity, and specialty markets, and is one of the largest U.S. dairy processors. Darigold operates 11 plants throughout the Northwest, processing high-quality milk produced by NDA farm families, a second office in Boise, Idaho, as well as global satellite offices. It is currently building a 12th plant in central Washington that is slated to open in 2025. For more information, visit Darigold.com

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