Washington Youth Soccer Disciplinary Committee is comprised of former and current volunteers from Washington Youth Soccer member Associations and Club Board of Directors, USSF Referees and Players and one current Washington Youth Soccer Administrator. The Washington Youth Soccer Disciplinary Committee over-sees the Regional Club League (RCL) and all Washington Youth Soccer State Cup activities and events. All other leagues and levels of play, please refer to the local league committees/administration.

Committee Chairs:
Regional Club League (RCL): Richard Turner
State Cups: Juan Rangel
WA Youth Soccer Administrator: Keli Bitow

RCL/State Cup Jurisdiction:

All misconduct reports and supplemental report are voted on through Ridgestar. During State Cup other means of reporting may be used, to include written reports.

The Disciplinary Process and Procedures is not a legal court proceeding, but there are legal parameters and rights.
All proceedings are strictly confidential, and information is released only to directly interested parties.
If local law enforcement is involved, then all proceeding will be held till an out come is released in the legal court of law.

Point system:

1 point for caution, 3 points red card, 2 points for yellow card ejection.

  1. Possible Suspension – Player limit 7 points, team limit is 15 points.
  2. 3 yellow cards is 1 game suspension, 3 additional yellow cards another game sit out.
  3. If put on probation/suspension a reinstatement hearing fee must be payed, prior to hearing. Fines are in place for player and coach if terms of probation for point limit are violated.

What do I need to do if:

Player received a Yellow Card:

After reporting the card in Affinity, you do not need to do anything.
If the play has a red line through their name, but did not receive a Red Card.

  1. The player has accumulated to many points and player may need to have a Review Committee hearing. Contact the Disciplinary Committee at RCLDisciplinaryCommittee@washingtonyouthsoccer.org.

Player received a Red Card:

The Coach, Team Manager, Director of Coaching/Technical Director and parents will receive a Determination Letter from the Disciplinary Committee generally with-in 1 week of misconduct.

Proof of sit outs is 2 methods:

  1. Determination Form signed by referee
  2. Game Roster signed by referee. One game-sit-out is required after a red card ejection.
  3. Please email signed roster and/or determination form to RCLDisciplinaryCommittee@washingtonyouthsoccer.org

Hearing Requests:

Physical hearings for Misconducts are not required but can occur if requested or if deemed necessary.

  1. The review by the Disciplinary Committee of Misconduct reports electronically is considered a hearing.(ie:Ridgestar or Affinity- referee reporting database.

A) A player/coach wishing to provide circumstances for consideration for a red card misconduct report must request a hearing with-in 48 hours of receiving a red card misconduct. Hearings are done via conference call. Please submit Request for Hearing form to RCLDisciplinary@washingtonyouthsoccer.org.
B) A Red Card can not be over turned. However can be considered for reduction.
C) Notification forms sent with in 1 week of the misconduct report being filed.
D) Disciplinary Committee reviews are generally held Thursday Evenings.
E)If your team has 2 games in 1 weekend, the player/coach must sit out the next match, regardless of the circumstances. You may request a hearing to be heard for possible remaining sit-outs considerations. The roster is required to be signed by the referee confirming that the player/coach sat out the match and emailed to RCLDisciplinaryCommittee@washingtonyouthsoccer.org


Applies to a decision received from a determination letter.

Requires a $1000 non-refundable fee and the Appeal form must be received with-in 72 hours of the Determination Letter.
An Appeal does not stay the sanction.
Appeals Committee may reconsider a sanction, but it can’t be removed.
The Appeal Form must be completed and sent or delivered to Washington Youth Soccer office with check, cash or money order:

Washington Youth Soccer
Attn: WA Youth Soccer Appeals Committee
7100 Fort Dent Way, Suite 215, Tukwila, WA 98188.


For additional questions please email: RCLDisciplinaryCommittee@washingtonyouthsoccer.org