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2021-2022 WA EPD Tryouts


Online registration is now closed. Please email Nicole if you are interested in tryouts:

Tryout fee: $35 online


Boys and Girls Tryouts:

Date: August 3-5, 9-12, 2021

Location: Starfire Sports Complex, 14800 Starfire Way, Tukwila, WA

Tryouts will take place in 3 sessions within those two weeks, and we ask each player to attend a max of 2 sessions.*
*Boys 05 and Girls 07 will only have 2 sessions.

We don’t have more details on tryouts right now, if you are interested please sign up and when the sessions are finalized you will receive an email from us.

If you have any conflicts with the dates listed, that is no problem. Please still sign up, send an email to Nicole, and we will find a time to evaluate your player.

BoysOpen Day 1Open Day 2Open Day 3GirlsOpen Day 1Open Day 2Open Day 3
20048/15, 9-11am8/22, 6:30-8:30pm-----------------------------------------------------------------
20058/10, 8-10am8/11, 8-10am-------------20058/10, 9-11am8/12, 9-11am-------------
20068/4, 10a-12p8/10, 12-2pm*8/12, 10a-12p*20068/3, 12-2pm8/4, 12-2pm8/10, 10a-12p
20078/3, 8-10am8/4, 8-10am8/5, 8-10am20078/3, 10a-12p8/5, 12-2pm-------------
20088/3, 12-2pm8/9, 12-2pm8/10, 8-10am20088/3, 8-10am8/5, 8-10am8/11, 8-10am
20098/4, 10a-12p8/5, 10a-12p8/9, 8-10am20098/9, 10a-12p8/10, 10a-12p8/12, 10a-12p
20108/3, 8-10am8/4, 8-10am8/10, 12:30-2:30pm20108/4, 12-2pm8/5, 12-2pm8/9, 12-2pm
20118/3, 10a-12p8/5, 10a-12p8/9, 10a-12p *NEW*20118/9, 10a-12p8/11, 10a-12p8/12, 10a-12p



August 16-20, 2021

B04-B05-G05-G06: No Callback sessions

B07-B11-G10 only: August 11-13, see below

**If you are selected for callbacks, we highly recommend players attend BOTH callback sessions.

BoysCallback 1Callback 2GirlsCallback 1Callback 2
20068/18, 9-11am8/19, 9-11am2006NONENONE
20078/11, 9-11am*8/12, 8-10am*20078/16, 10a-12p*8/20, 11a-1p*
20088/18, 10a-12p8/19, 10a-12p20088/19, 8-10am8/20, 8-10am
20098/18, 10a-12p*8/19, 10a-12p*2009*8/16, 10a-12p**8/17, 8-10am*
20108/17, 8-10am8/19, 8-10am20108/11, 12-2pm*8/12, 8-10am*
20118/11, 12-2pm*8/12, 8-10am*2011TBDTBD


Coaching staff will be announced July 19.


Open Tryouts

Players have the opportunity to be selected from the open tryout into the final selected pool of players per age group. The open tryout ensures that the staff’s identification process is as far reaching as possible. Players attending the open tryouts are encouraged to attend 2 sessions at maximum from the sessions offered. Players from open tryouts will be selected to attend call back tryouts.


How to determine if your player should tryout for EWA or WA EPD: 

WA Youth Soccer will use the Cascade mountain range as a determined border between WA & EWA EPD. A player can tryout for either WA or EWA EPD if they live within 50 miles on either side of the boundary line. A player can tryout within the boundary of where his/her club soccer team home field is located and/or home address.

West Region ODP Championships | January in Phoenix, Arizona Travel Roster

  • Birth Years 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010: The coaching staff will select a final travel roster in November; travel rosters will be announced on the website.

Portland Timbers Friendship Cup | May in Portland, Oregon Travel Roster

  • Birth Years 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011: The coaching staff will select a final travel roster in May; travel rosters will be announced on the website. All final pool players are eligible to be selected for the Portland Timbers Friendship Cup.