Executive Director Role Overview:

The director will work closely with the board president, registrars, other staff members, and the Board of Directors to ensure the successful execution of Bellevue United FC (BUFC) programs.  The BUFC director is responsible for helping define (with support from the Board) and execute the strategy for BUFC’s long term success as well as the day to day management of the rec and select soccer programs.  This includes understanding the local and regional soccer landscape and competitive threats to BUFC program (I-9, FC Bellevue, Nowland, etc). Assist and Advise in determining how BUFC will navigate the necessary changes to remain competitive in the market.  

Interested individuals should contact cdyer@bunitedfc.org for more information. 


Role Description:

Year-round Responsibilities

  1. Select Registration
      • Train team managers and coaches
        • Cover all game-day procedures and policies
        • Administer appropriate systems training
        • Outline responsibilities for team manager position
      • In partnership with Director of Coaching, schedule and coordinate tryouts
      • Use various registration platform to register teams
      • Prepare registration for all levels of competition (e.g. league play, state cup, etc.)
      • Manage relationship between BUFC and NPSL
        • Register all teams
        • Coordinate schedules for league play
      • Print and distribute player cards
      • Create, distribute and analyze results of annual survey to parents and give read out to board
  2. Recreational Registration – Manage Rec Registrar in facilitating the registration of Rec players and teams
      • Use electronic platform to register teams
      • Act as a liaison between BUFC and EYSA. Attend EYSA Registrar Meetings
      • Ensure registration is set up to open on April 1st
        • Create profiles specific age groups and teams
        • Send registration announcements (e.g. email, social media, etc.)
        • Process payments, refunds, and/or scholarships
        • Track and collect player information (e.g. Proof of Age)
      • Close registration for age groups that are at capacity by June 1st
      • Manage customer relationships
        • Respond to customer inquiries
      • Track and manage tasks to completion
      • In partnership with VP of Rec, determine league placement
      • Submit list of Recreational teams for scheduling to EYSA (U8-U12)
      • Submit D2 recreational teams to D2 scheduler (U13-U16)
      • Submit rosters to coaches and teams
      • Responsible for administering and tracking background checks for entire Recreational Coaching Staff
      • At the start of the Recreational season, send report of all registered players to EYSA for insurance
      • Create, distribute and analyze results of annual survey to parents and give read out to board
      • Approve volunteer hours for coaches that are currently in High School.
      • Select and purchase thank you gifts
  3. Referees – Coordinate and collaborate with Referees Coordinator
      • Manage relationship between BUFC and Referees’ Association in coordination with Referees Board Member
      • Ensure all home games have referees assigned for Select games
  4. Field Management – Coordinate and collaborate with Fields Manager
      • Responsible for coordinating and assigning fields for both Recreational and Select program training sessions and games
      • Responsible maintaining relationship with the City of Bellevue Parks Department and Bellevue School District to ensure appropriate field space
      • Responsible for managing budget and approach for rec field set up in the fall
  5. Club Communication and Marketing – Coordinate and collaborate with Club Communication and Marketing Manager
      • Coordinate with Select VP and help with details of select player and parent kick off meeting
      • Coordinate with VP of Marketing Board Member and other Board Members as needed
      • Communicate with Club Members for announcements, programs, updates, and reminders
      • Develop and distribute advertising materials (e.g. Online/Print Ads, Signage, Banners, etc.)
      • Create and distribute monthly newsletter to BUFC distribution list in partnership with club president
      • Create, launch, and collect data for end-of-year customer satisfaction survey
  6. EYSA Meetings (Monthly)
      • Responsible for attending all EYSA meetings and or finding alternate board member to attend
  7. Board Meetings (Monthly)
      • Responsible for attending all normally scheduled board meetings
      • Responsible for providing support to the Club President regarding outlined agenda items
  8.  Website
      • Responsible for updating and maintaining club website
      • Responsible for managing third-party vendor relationships regarding website updates
  9. Database Management
      • Develop, curate, and maintain all relevant program materials in Microsoft OneDrive (subject to change in the event of data migration)

Additional Programs

  1. Sounders Coaches
      • Ensure club board member responsible for driving Sounders partnership is updating contract and finalizing a coaching support model that works for the club
  2. Existing and Net New Programs
      • Coordinate with Director of Coaching and Board to market, communicate, and register kids for existing programs such as 2v2, Futsal, and Spring Training
      • Work with Board and Director of Coaching to develop net new programs, eg after school kick-arounds.

Seasonal Responsibilities

  1. Spring
      • Select Tryouts (April-May)
        • In partnership with the Board & the Director of Coaching, responsible for scheduling and coordinating tryouts for the Select program.
        • Curate and administer necessary paperwork (e.g. medical release forms, etc.)
        • Create signup sheets for coaches to evaluate players during tryouts (e.g. SignUpGenius)
        • Coordinate with all coaches and volunteers
        • Coordinate all necessary equipment
          • Player numbers, pinnies, clipboards, evaluation sheets
      • Select Parent and Player Kickoff Meeting (May?)
        • Responsible for putting together meeting in partnership with the VP of select

2. Summer

      • Uniform Coordination & Management (July-August)
        • Responsible for working with third-party vendors to select and purchase uniform kits for both the Recreational and Select programs
        • Ensure that kits get distributed to the Recreational program coaches prior the beginning of the Fall Recreational season.
      • Recreational Coaches Meeting (August)
        • In partnership with the Board and the Director of Coaching, schedule and coordinate Rec Coaches meeting

3. Fall

      • Recreational Field Setup (September-November)
        • Coordinate with VP of Rec (Micro, Mod)
        • Responsible for managing a small budget and identifying appropriate resources for setup across multiple locations (e.g. Medina, Enatai, etc.)

4. Winter

      • Drive Board Strategy Planning session and with president to refine club strategy and budgets